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Why Walden

Why Walden

We're a Pioneer In Distance Learning

In 1970, two teachers were inspired to create better opportunities for adult learners pursuing advanced degrees—and Walden University was born. Today, we’re at the forefront of delivering high-quality distance online education for working professionals.

An Accredited University

质量很重要——尤其是当涉及到你的教育时.  Walden is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

All Accreditations

Light The Way


来认识一下安娜,她是一名护士,来到了纽约COVID-19危机的前线. 听她的故事的悲剧和弹性, and learn more about how she’s achieving her dream of becoming a family nurse practitioner. 


Different Ways to Learn

You Decide How to Complete Your Degree

你有独特的学习方式和独特的时间表. 这就是为什么沃顿给你提供了不止一种学习方法. Choose the one that fits you best.

Course-Based Learning

Learn the Traditional Way

If you prefer an instructor-led approach and learning on a predetermined schedule, 基于课程的格式对您来说可能是一个不错的选择.


按照预定的时间表完成你的计划, 设定最后期限可以帮助你稳步进步.


Get guidance from dedicated faculty who are there to help you through your coursework

Pay by the Course

Payment plans and tuition savings opportunities may be available to help make your degree more affordable.

Tempo Learning®

A Different Way to Learn

Choose this option if you prefer a flexible learning experience with no set weekly deadlines, allowing you to make progress at your pace, on your schedule.

You Set the Pace

在你的课程表允许的时候查阅你的作业. 在需要的时候加快学习速度——或者放慢学习速度.

Subscription Pricing

Three-month, all-you-can-learn subscription pricing can help you minimize your tuition costs.

Support When You Need It

一个私人的学术教练会帮助你制定你的目标. 教师们总是可以提供建议和指导.

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